What is CPQ?

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Making a sale requires quite a lot. And every company wants to stand out amidst the crowd. Therefore, bringing the weight down to the sales team. And, it often happens that they have to go overboard with their campaigns, especially the quotes (Quotes are simply the proposed price statement of goods and services). Promising things that they simply cannot provide.

CPQ stands for Configure, Price, and Quote.

It’s a very uncomfortable position for any company whether big or small. Inaccurate quotes can create quite the fuss and thus, we have CPQ. It stands for Configure, Price, Quote and is software created to offer product alternatives and price accuracy. Every company has faced this issue at some point. So, it ultimately comes down to reducing your business. And to be honest it might not even be the salespeople’s fault.

An accurate CPQ is very important

You could do everything right, but having a bad quote will definitely affect your business at some point. You will end up losing customers in the long run. The CPQ software gives you accurate pricing after taking into consideration your current scenario. But, do you know what else you need? It’s StepOut. StepOut is one of a kind SaaS company that provides you with an integrated workspace experience. You no more need to install heavy and expensive applications. Our digital manager takes care of all your daily needs. We charge no commissions for the use of our tool; you really just need to signup to get started!

CPQ looks after price accuracy.

However, experts like Denis Pombraint have explained how important it is to take CPQ’s help in his book Solve for the Customer. He said, “Until recently, CPQ was a completely manual process that sales reps engaged without much oversight,”