Two birds, one pose: Yoga and Mental Health.

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YOGA to be kidding me!

In continuation to the various benefits that yoga has to offer, the practice has a direct impact on a person’s physical well-being, and in addition to that- a person’s mental health too!

Two birds, ONE pose! XD

Yoga, unlike other physical activities- helps brain cells develop new connections thereby enhancing various cognitive abilities.

In simple terms, it’s mental aerobics!

Turn that frown, upside-down — one pose at a time! Yoga stimulates the production of feel-good hormones such as endorphins!

If you’re a short-tempered person or someone who reacts impulsively to situations- yoga can organically help you diminish the emotional reactivity so that you have a more tempered response.

Yoga helps you establish a better connection with your own body and helps you find comfort in the chaos of everyday life!

Let yoga not just be a mere-forgotten-new-year resolution, let it be a ritual that helps you celebrate your body and mental health! Get up, drink a tall glass of water, stream a meditative playlist & tune into your favorite yoga class!