Top FAQs on SaaS

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SaaS or software as a service has gained quite a popularity these days. It has revolutionized the whole software industry. To be very honest the invention of cloud computing itself is a big thing.

But, every now and then you might be hit with a question like, who owns your SaaS data? or what happens if your SaaS vendor shuts their business? Sit tight cause in this blog I have tried to answer such questions.

How was SaaS created?

The technology to support SaaS came around during the 1990s. Salesforce was the first-ever company to adopt a SaaS model as an alternative to their traditional (non-SaaS) CRM model.

SaaS is totally a modern technology.

Is SaaS software customizable?

The answer is, a big yes! Software services nowadays are flexible enough and they can definitely be modified at will. Users can customize their UI to even change the look and feel of the program, for example, dashboard and task lists could be customized. Data fields are alterable as well.

SaaS can be highly modified.

How safe is your data in the cloud?

Most SaaS vendors deploy a very high level of security while storing their software data. However, according to experts data is much safer in the cloud than with the user itself. It was found that data leaks were mainly due to inefficient employees and bugs in programs.

They ensure data security.

Data ownership in SaaS

The ownership and retrieval of data are to be clearly mentioned in the service level agreement (SLA) of a SaaS company. In most cases, the user owns the data. It is not very likely that a vendor would claim the rights to your data. Therefore, it is always advisable to thoroughly go through the SLA before signing the agreement.

Ownership agreements should never be overlooked

SaaS and the Cloud

The Cloud is a collection of computers and servers hosted remotely and delivered over the internet. While SaaS consists of software apps that are delivered through the above-mentioned model.

SaaS servers are hosted remotely.

What happens when your SaaS vendor shuts down their business?

SaaS vendors generally have to pay their data centers in advance to keep things running. This acts as a security deposit in case the company runs out of business.

Your data remains safe with the vendors.

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