A Personal Trainer’s guide to promoting/marketing their Profiles

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Well, it is not only about putting up aesthetic pictures on social media or filming an intensive workout session, it requires a proper marketing strategy to reach out to your audience. Now that StepOut has made it easier to manage your business, you must put the best marketing strategy into action.

Your perfect fitness class that could have helped change the lives of many falls apart due to ineffective marketing. As a personal instructor coming up with a well-thought plan is only about half the work done. You must understand that there are a great number of barriers preventing you from reaching out to the right audience.

Social Media

Even though Instagram and Facebook have become ‘cliché’ they are essential marketing tools. With over 800 million monthly users, these are the best choice when it comes to reaching out to a potential audience. It does not matter whether your audience is of age 18-29 or 30-49, social media has got it all. Post stories, use polls, and create videos and reels to get people to notice you. Use features like Facebook and Instagram Live to connect with your audience. Host live Q&A sessions, make important announcements, and engage with your followers on various levels.


Challenges are a great way to create a so-called “buzz” in the fitness community. Fitness challenges motivate people to take meet the mark through healthy competition. Challenges also help in creating a community with like-minded people.

Share your knowledge

The best outlet for sharing your knowledge on fitness are blogs and videos. Take the help of blogging sites and youtube from time to time to impart knowledge or address a recent fitness myth or so. It helps build people’s faith in you and increases engagement.


Hope now it is clear that creating an online presence is central to promoting yourself online. However, we have gone into the nitty-gritty of it to show you that community building through engagement is the first step to creating an online presence. You have to constantly strive to claim your position in the industry and you will only get closer to it when you start interacting and connecting with people.