The Recipe for Bhangra!

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If your Spotify Wrapped consists of: Diljit Dosanjh, AP Dhillon and Badshah and other famous Punjabi artists, then I’m sure you’re curious about what puts the BANG in Bhangra. It without a doubt, the music!!!

No dance is complete without the beats, tempo and melody. Bhangra music emits energy, enthusiasm and power through their songs that instantly get people to rush to the dance floor!

The beautiful fusion of western instruments and traditional Punjabi folk music gives birth to the rhythm.

One of the most unique things about music is that there aren’t any language barriers. You do not need to understand the lyrics to groove to its beats and the same holds true for Bhangra. Diljit’s latest track “Lover” has not only taken over Punjab, but India as a whole. Every third person can be found jamming to it! With the lyrics being primarily in Punjabi, with a hint of Hinglish (Hindi-English), the groovy melodies make everyone want to boogie!

But you must be wondering? What’s the recipe to a banging Punjabi beat? Well, we gotcha!

  • 1 cup of melodies- melismatic & conjunction
  • 2 spoons of beautiful Punjabi lyrics
  • 2.5 cups of simple harmonies
  • 1 bowl of percussions & fun beats!
  • Mix it all together and serve it with enthusiasm!

Taking inspiration from Punjabi artists, bollywood has also incorporated several elements of Punjabi music into their hit party numbers. Some familiar songs such as: Bom Diggy Diggy, High Heels, Suit Suit, Sadi Gali etc. are compulsory party numbers because they bring so much energy and power to the table.

Here’s a Punjabi Party Playlist that you can play to really be the life of the party!

Now that you know the ideal recipe for a Punjabi track ,we hope you can Tareefan your favourite artists and hype up their Wakhra Swag!