The Big Bhangra Theory!

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Energy, joy, power, fun, strength, and stamina — sounds like a description of an amusement park experience right? Maybe! However, this description is for something similar yet more than that ;) — BHANGRA

a folk dance form originating from Punjab, the northern area of India and Pakistan, something that brings together both the neighboring countries eventually spreading the joy to the rest of the world.

We all have our ‘’happy dances’’ to celebrate the little joys in life right? (We’d love to see yours :D) That’s exactly how Bhangra came into being as well. South Asia is known as the home of agriculture and decades ago when the farmers of the Indo-Pak subcontinent had successfully harvested their crops after putting in a lot of hard work and sweat into it around the clock, it indeed called for a big, fat, success celebration!

Bhangra was the particular folk dance form performed at that point by the farmers and their families on some folk tunes played and sung live. Not to forget the delicious delicacies and drinks accompanying the festivities.

What started as a folk dance form once has now turned into many variations such as Heavy-weight Bhangra, Modern Bhangra, and Bhangra Fusion and has also been incorporated into western dance forms such as hip-hop, known as Bhangra-Pop, etc.

Punjabis really know how to set the mood for a party and Bhangra without a doubt has now become the most popular dance form as well as a top music genre worldwide. The best part is that it is an A M A Z I N G alternative to a regular workout. Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs to know why is it so.

Until then, go ahead and google Diljit Dosanjh and we guarantee you would surely want to shake a leg to those Bhangra beats!

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