The Bhangra Beast, ft. Siddharth Datta.

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There is no doubt that Bhangra has crept into the mainstream or so-called pop culture. From singers to dancers all have taken to it almost readily. Bhangra has a significant fan base all over the world. The value it has added to our lives is immeasurable. Folk Dancers especially Bhangra dancers have created contemporary dance forms out of it and even incorporated them into our workouts through Zumba. It is but time to recognize these efforts and praise the talent of such artists.

One such Bhangra artist is Siddharth Datta. Having grown up in Haryana he has one of the most inspiring stories to tell. Siddharth hails from Ghillour Yamunanagar. Yamunanagar is one of the twenty-two districts of Haryana. Now as far as the story goes, while still in school Siddharth was rejected from his school’s Bhangra troupe. He was deemed unfit due to his weight, which stood at 120kgs during the time in his 10th standard.

Bhangra Beast

Having faced disappointment Siddharth decided to reduce his body fat. He went through a rigorous training regime and monitored his diet for about 2 years. As a result in class 12, he was selected as the lead in the same troupe. This was in 2016. One year later when Siddharth got into college he was immediately selected for the college bhangra group. He went on to win fame and trophies for his college group.

From being underconfident and unfit Siddharth became one of the finest choreographers of the Yamunanagar district. It all started when the school he went to during his childhood offered him an opportunity to choreograph a dance for the annual day Bhangra performance. Siddharth jumped on this opportunity and put all his time and effort into it. His untamed motivation and unbreakable zeal had created something very powerful. The dance turned out to be a major hit on the stage. With some major success coming his way, he decided to open up his own little dance studio. With some connections and some effort, he built Knockout Bhangra, in Ladwa. Two years later, he co-founded Folk to Fusion studio along with Mohan Anand, in Jagadhri.

Siddharth Datta

Siddharth is not only a dancer but a mentor and guide. He has shaped the lives of many up-and-coming dancers and others to reach their personal goals. He thoroughly guided one of his clients who was unable to keep up with the Bhangra classes. Siddharth was a source of constant support and after five months of working with his client, he could flawlessly perform all his steps.

In our brief conversation, we got to know that Bhangra has become Siddharth’s life. He needs to perform Bhangra each day to feel alive. Bhangra for him abounds in all the benefits and is a life-changer. For him, it decreased his stress and uplifted his mood. It was a constant support in his bad times.

Siddharth Datta

We would all agree that Bhangra has a great future in India. In the early days due to internet unavailability, the effect of Bhangra went unnoticed. But, it is becoming evident nowadays, that Bhangra has a huge fan following. Siddharth believes in this fate of Bhangra and he is optimistic about its growth. And so are we at StepOut. After landing thousands of trainers to join the movement, we want you next. StepOut offers business owners like Siddharth a much-needed boost. We can offer you a smart manager, which will take care of things like live streaming, payments, customer support at no commissions charged! The signup too is free!! So, let’s begin this journey and keep stepping out.