The Bhangra and the ‘Regional connection’.

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Bhangra is called one of the most energetic and vibrant dances in the world. Not only it aims at spreading joy but also, uplifts mood and has tons of health benefits. It is spreading all over the globe like wildfire. Fitness enthusiasts to dancers all have taken to Bhangra. Even Bollywood and the music industry have adopted Punjabi folk songs. Modern hip-hop has tunes that go along with the beats of dhol. Western artists have collaborated with Indian folk singers to create some awesome tracks that sound lively and soulful. Bhangra has reached shows like America’s Got Talent and even the White House.

Folk Dances of India

A whole new fitness regime has been centered around the Punjabi folk dance. The masala bhangra workout routine is for absolutely anyone. It won’t matter if one is fat or skinny, everyone is capable of performing a masala bhangra routine.

Bhangra is an old ritualistic dance. It is dedicated to the harvest season in Punjab. It is the time when people with large drums come together and revel in the festivities of the great season. People generally sing at the beat of the dhol. However, people have recently discovered that Bhangra as an art form never existed since the beginning. It was only the early 1800s when Bhangra began to evolve.

Folk Dances of India

It is believed that Bhangra was formed out of a mixture of several regional dances from the state of Punjab. Researchers have claimed that Bhangra consists of a number of dances starting from. Sammi, Jhummar, Luddi, Giddha, Dhamaal, and Sialkot. Jhummar is found extensively throughout the Jhang-Sial and is considered by many as a product of the Aryan period. Sammi consists of singing and dancing more like Bhangra. During the later years, when the cultures intermixed, Bhangra was created.

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