The benefits of HIIT

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Physical activity is needed as much as anything today. With desk jobs being the day’s trend, people don’t get enough physical activity and are prone to various heart and bodily ailments.

It has been recorded that about 20% of people all over the world get the right amount of physical activity. However, it might not be entirely the 80%’s fault.

Considering the busy lives we lead, it becomes a real struggle to get one’s physical activity up. People are on the run. It happens most of the time that we fall behind in our routines; running behind our assignments all day and all night. It is understandable unless one has a physically demanding job it is close to impossible.

But, there’s one thing that can save you, it’s HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training. It is generally a broad term consisting of workouts that take very less time and are extremely intense. The health benefits of HIIT depend mainly on how short the workout period is. Like, it can be a stationary bike for 30 seconds which would be considered one rep. Basically, you will be repeating a total of 4-6 such reps.

Start HIIT today cause

1. HIIT burns immense calories

A study shows that HIIT burns 25-30% calories more calories than any form of workout. HIIT workouts take very less time. The whole workout is down within just 30 minutes.

 2. HIIT helps lose fat faster

Experts say that HIIT can help with obesity. HIIT and moderately intense workouts both burn away fat very fast. So, if you are aiming to lose some inches off your waist HIIT it is!

3. HIIT improves metabolism

HIIT can help you burn calories even after the workout is over! By performing HIIT you can up your metabolic rate, thus you won’t put on calories even if you eat a bit of junk now and then.

4. HIIT can keep your blood pressure in check

Cardio is great for your heart health but, HIIT takes it up a notch with its’ explosive workout sessions. 8 weeks of HIIT can reduce your blood pressure drastically. No other form of workout can give you such results.

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