The 2022 Freelancing Guide

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Freelance is what consists of the ‘gig economy’ these days. It is sometimes synonymous with side hustle however, it’s not quite so. In today’s world, there are more freelancers than ever. They are literally the driving force behind a country’s economy. It has been projected that America will have about 90–95 million freelancers by 2030.

Even the companies have done away with the salaried employee concept, cause they want their job to be done fast and pay bare minimum wage. A survey conducted by Upwork shows that about 71% of hiring managers prefer freelancers on their team.

Hiring managers prefer freelancers on their team.

And, the best thing about freelancing is you get to be your own boss. Practically they are turning into small businesses in themselves. Thus, here are a few things that might help you get your businesses for the people to see,

Join freelancing platforms

A specific association that is solely meant for freelancers will increase your business’s outreach. Upwork and Fiverr are good places, to begin with. Maybe, a neat LinkedIn profile can help as well.

Freelancing platforms will give you an edge.

Get StepOut

StepOut is the one tool that you will ever need. The tool is meant to give you an integrated workspace experience so, that all of your frequently used apps can be accessed from the same space. This will save time and can solve all the time management issues. You can maintain your payments, schedule meetings, and maintain customer portfolios all in the same place! Plus, it comes at no commissions charged and the signups are free as well. So, what are you waiting for, come step out with us!

StepOut is a revolutionary product.

Hire a team

Every successful freelancer knows that they cannot handle every aspect of their venture. So, you can go out there and get some associates who will give your business a direction. You will at some point need a web developer, a copywriter, an accountant, and someone who knows the legal matters. So, think of it in the long term and proceed accordingly.

Teamwork can be game-changing.

Every minute the freelance industry is growing, and even as we speak the competition keeps increasing. So, maybe getting started right now will give you a headstart in this field.