StepOut – for new Milestones

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StepOut, India’s first-ever Digital Manager now is a community of 1400+ trainers. Through our journey as a SaaS company, we have faced a number of challenges the most difficult being defining our product. However, there still exists some misconceptions regarding it.

Defining StepOut's business model is a challenge

StepOut helps you achieve productivity on a daily basis by giving you an integrated workspace experience. It reduces the pressure as all your essential apps are clubbed together in the same space. You do not even need to pay for each application separately. StepOut is an ideal choice for trainers. Generally, people who are freelancing; for the basic fact that they literally run small-scale businesses. And we all know how hard it is to manage one.

StepOut is a digital manager

StepOut can host and manage classes online. Our Digital Manager provides you with an integrated workspace experience so that connecting with people over online platforms is easy. And, the best part about StepOut is, that trainers do not need to pay any commission fee.

You can achieve tons of things with StepOut

The manager has features like Zoom and Razorpay integrations. Our interface is very simple and user-friendly, it starts with (1)building your profile, where you need to provide details about your services. Next comes, (2)setting up the part of the financial details. You have to provide bank details and other payment-related information here. Thereafter, you can directly publish your classes. You can (3)share it through the dedicated share buttons and other similar features. Not only that but, you can enjoy tons of additional features such as managing and scheduling sessions, peak hours prediction, venue finder, and analytics for growth very soon.

It is the best time if you are planning to test our product. We have a Free Trial for one month and an Early Bird so that you can use the product @99rs. only. For more information check out