StepOut at a Glance

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You are a personal trainer who wants to publish classes online or offer in-person classes. Now, the first step would be to hunt down applications that can allow you to do so. Gradually, you will need payment management systems, create a profile, and get in touch with your clients. It is difficult.

Managing takes a lot

However, even if you manage to do so, your finances would swiftly get exhausted by paying a large subscription fee or a commission cut; as you have to do it for every single app. Not only that but a massive chunk of your disk space would be taken up by them. And, maintaining those apps single-handedly can take up a huge portion of your day. Which means you would be making less progress in the studio or at the gym. Do you feel lost now and regret your life choices? Well, StepOut is your silver lining.

Take aid from StepOut

Need apps to publish sessions, manage finances, schedule classes, analytics, branding, and much more? Then let us, StepOut, take over from here. StepOut is the single solution to all your misery. Hosting and managing classes online is easier than ever. StepOut provides you with an integrated workspace experience so that you can take big leaps with publishing classes online.

StepOut to bring a change

To begin with, it has features like Zoom and Razorpay integrations which will come in handy. The StepOut interface is very simple and user-friendly, it starts with building your profile, where you need to provide details about yourself. Next comes setting up the part of the financial details. You have to provide bank details and other payment-related information here. After that, you can directly publish your classes. You can share it through the dedicated share buttons and other similar features. Not only that but, you can enjoy tons of additional features such as managing and scheduling sessions, peak hours prediction, venue finder, and analytics for growth very soon. For more information check out