Salwar for Sportswear

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Is your basic idea of gymwear- leggings and a sports bra, or vest and shorts? Breaking all barriers of the stereotypical idea of athleisure fits, presenting Patialas and Salwars!

The Bhangra attire is known for its vibrance and is fitting for the energy and enthusiasm the dance form encapsulates.

The different elements of their outfits add to its beauty! Starting from the top, the beautiful piece of ornaments attached to their long luscious braid is called The Paranda. It is iconic and symbolic to Punjabi women and looks even better during Gidha or Bhangra performances.

Next, we have the long colourful shirt- which is called the Kameez; absolutely eye-catching and adorable. This is accompanied by a Chunni ; piece of cloth that is usually wrapped around the woman’s neck.

As for the rest, we have the Salwar; which is a baggy pant. Similar to this is the patiala. Women often colour coordinate their Salwar and Kameez to that of their chunni and this is an outfit of inspiration Pan India.

A punjabi outfit is incomplete without the stunning jewellery which usually include the Churra, Kalira, Kundan and Jadau sets. Jhumkas are also an important essential component of the entire look! Any street shop in India has a beautiful array and variety of Jhumkas and earrings. Be sure to check that out on your next trip!

When you look good, you feel good and you workout good! Afterall, there is a FIT in FITness 😉