Productivity Hacks

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Productivity is generally described as the ratio between the output volume and the hours spent on a particular task. It is a marker of performance. Let’s say, you sit for making your school projects the day before the deadline; productivity will depend on how good the project turns out to be.

Shorter bursts of productivity over longer hours
Tip#1: Shorter bursts of productivity over longer hours

In a workplace, productivity is extremely crucial. It is directly connected to your physical and mental well-being. As less productivity often leads to Job Stress, low productivity is considered by many to be the biggest threat. So, in this blog, we will speak about how we measure productivity and how to achieve optimum productivity.

Plan ahead
Tip #2: Plan ahead

However, you must always consider that there are many external factors like a national crisis and inflation affecting you but, don’t worry it’s affecting the best of people. Any employee’s productivity can be measured by, Total Output/Total Input. For example, if the company generates $50,000 and the total working hours were 2,000 and you have 10 employees. Every employee made $2.5 each hour.

Block Unnecessary apps that distract you
Tip #3: Block Unnecessary apps that distract you

Productivity is more like personal space. You can work with it as you deem fit. Mentioned below are a few of the hacks that can help you achieve daily productivity. (Disclaimer: I know, there might be repetition but, do check this blog out in the first place!)

Create a workspace for yourself
Tip#4: Create a workspace for yourself

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