Pilates vs Yoga

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Pilates heals you after an injury while Yoga increases your mobility. Even though the two are similar, Yoga helps with flexibility mainly with the upper body while Pilates helps you with the lower body. A study shows that Pilates and Yoga can help with flexibility but how do you decide what fits in your day? Here is a list of pointers that might actually help you settle the debate of Pilates vs Yoga.


Pilates should be your exercise choice if you are trying to build strength. Pilates strengthens and tones your core muscles. A group that performed Pilates every week was found to gather more abdominal strength. In comparison, Yoga can help you with your flexibility. In a survey, people who took biweekly yoga sessions had increased flexibility while other forms of physical activities could not enhance mobility.

Pilates vs Yoga

2)Mental Health

Yoga has many more benefits than physical fitness, it is also said to usher in positivity. The International Journal of Yoga says that practicing Yoga and meditation is a way to manage stress and improve overall mental health.

Pilates is also said to improve our mental health. When paired with breathing techniques and mindfulness it can work wonders. Pilates can also help reduce stress and anxiety, enhance concentration and fix your sleep cycle.

Pilates vs Yoga


Even though Pilates increases your overall strength it is also highly efficient in increasing flexibility. Exercises like Wall Roll Down, Spine Stretches, and Saw are some of the best Pilates exercises. Yoga definitely helps with flexibility. Stretches like the Cat-Cow, Bow Pose. On the other hand, Power Yoga does help with increasing abdominal strength.

Pilates vs Yoga

4)Losing Weight

The only way to lose weight is if you take the right diet. If one starts doing Yoga the right way, it can lead to healthier eating habits. Even though Pilates does not show great results like running, cycling, or swimming when it comes to fat loss, it can surely show far better results than Yoga. Pilates helps you burn fat and if you combine your regular pilates with cardio it fastens up the process. Researches show that pilates can also be used for toning your waistline and lowering one’s BMI. BMI stands for Body Mass Index, it helps determine the right body weight one should have in proportion to their height and weight.

Pilates vs Yoga

Pilates and Yoga help improve your overall physique, they both have combined effects in many of the above-mentioned areas. Where on the one hand Yoga beats Pilates in flexibility, Pilates helps build more strength than Yoga. Yoga helps to destress and relax while Pilates is for people who want to change their current physique. And, while you are still indecisive why don’t you check out StepOut? StepOut has over 1500 certified trainers. The StepOut digital manager gives freelancers and trainers an integrated workspace experience. You can manage all your important stuff with just a click. Whether it be online meets, payments from your clients, or managing customer portfolios we’ve it all covered. To know more about our exciting offers and no commissions charged policy hop on to https://stepout.pro/