Personalized Landing Page

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StepOut gives an awesome Early Bird offer, a one-month free trial, charges 0% commission, and now you get a personalized landing page! Well, that sounds like a haven of opportunities for all trainers out there. However, in this blog, we are going to talk about our landing page feature. Owning a landing page is like owning a website. Don’t worry it won’t come with a single monotonous template but it’d be modified according to your needs.

We know the struggle behind creating a website. And, not to mention the costs behind running it. But, not here with us. Just after signing up and filling in your details, you are provided with your own landing page. The page will entirely make sure to highlight your strengths and area of expertise. Clients can even book and pay for their classes through the page itself.

The problem with building a website is the massive tech expertise, you need to run it. One needs to hire people who specifically cater to IT needs. But, at StepOut you could be done with all of that. And with the Early Bird Offer, you get a huge discount of about 90% on the original price. Sign up now and you get to use the Free Trial as well. Use the product absolutely free for one month and basically just pay INR 99 for the next year!!

StepOut derives its’ success from customer satisfaction. We have a very transparent business model. It purely comes from the fact that we do not want potential businesses to lose hope. So, step out with us and make a change!