Let’s try Pilates !

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Are you one of those people who don’t feel good about a draining workout session and aim at a much more relaxed and slow-paced routine, that burns calories at the same time? Then we have got a fix for you. Pilates does not include high-intensity training like doing 10 burpees in two minutes or lifting 100 pounds of weight. It is a walk in the park.

Stay in shape with Pilates

Pilates was originally invented by Joseph Hubertus in the year of 1920. Formerly known as Corrective Exercise or Contrology, it was meant to gain flexibility and agility. Overall, it focuses on gaining total control of one’s body. Pilates includes complex stretching and controlled breathing in order to increase the mind-body connection.

Pilates is pretty simple, it can be easily performed on a mat and with almost no props. Pilates involves a number of different exercises with the core focus on how it is performed. Breathing takes up the greatest amount of Pilates. Pilates includes some beginner exercises. Like planks and side planks. Also, abs exercises from crunches and mountain climbers.

In Pilates, the person would be asked to do the minimal reps and focus on quality over quantity. Thus, a Pilates workout would vary depending on the person’s body type also on the instructor as well. When it comes to the benefits of Pilates there are many. Pilates increases flexibility. It helps strengthen the joints and the cardiovascular system.


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