Keeping up with the HIIT

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HIIT is a very less-known training regimen. HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training is the single most effective workout out there. But why? Unlike long stretches of workout, HIIT works on the short but explosive sessions of workout. Experts have claimed that short burst as compared to long and tiring stretches of exercise is beneficial for heart health, fat loss, and strength gain at the same time. But, the biggest pro of pursuing a HIIT-based session is all of your fitness-related goals are achieved way faster than usual.

HIIT Workout

You can confidently skip that thirty-minute cycling or running session and convert it into an explosive combination of different exercises. Studies have shown that people have improved heart health following a grueling HIIT session.

Not only that, but lifters have experienced strength gain along with endurance while following a healthy HIIT routine. Other than that, HIIT works wonders when one wants to shed some calories. Scientists have found that a conventional HIIT workout session burns calories even after hours of workout.

Weight loss coaches have highly recommended this. And as for the other reasons as to why it is such a big attraction is; HIIT can be done in a very short time. People are mostly on the go and to keep up with their schedule one must minimize their hours spent in the gym. Thus, HIIT fits into their program. It is only a 45-minute affair, that one needs to commit to.

HIIT is better than cardio

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