How to schedule New Sessions in a Class

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StepOut provides you with a great number of features. You don’t need to re-create classes every time you schedule new sessions. In fact, you should not go through all of the trouble.

And here are a few steps to avoid duplicating your classes:

  1. Go to the Teach tab
  2. Select Schedule new sessions
  3. Now choose the class that you would like to schedule sessions into
  4. Set a price for each of your sessions
  5. Set a limit on how many people can attend each of your sessions
  6. Choose which language you will use to teach these sessions
  7. Choose how will you host these sessions: In Studio or Live Stream
    • For In Studio sessions, please follow these tips to ensure a great experience for your clients
    • For Live Stream sessions:
      • You can connect your Zoom account to StepOut. After that, we will automatically create a Zoom call link for each session
      • If you don’t prefer Zoom, then you can manually schedule a conference (or live-stream) link and provide it. Our recommended services.
      • Follow these tips to ensure a great remote workout experience for your clients.
  8. As the last step, you need to set the date and time of your sessions. You can customize the date and time here, and the sessions will all have the same configuration.

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