Hitting it off with fresh moves

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Starting off the new year with a resolution is great. But rushing to the gym with all your money to just quit the next day!! Maybe not this time. Why not something sustainable in 2022? How about taking a dive into the world of dance fitness? No need to get that expensive yearly subscription at your local gym but, just a lively dance session at the beat of your favorite Bollywood mix.

Dance Fitness

Dancing away to a beat is always a great idea to get into shape. Whether your goal is fat loss or endurance it helps in both. It might always feel like a drudge to hit the gym and go over the same exercises but it is great to incorporate some Zumba or any other form of cardio along with it. Dance makes one’s body flexible and improves heart health and lower body strength. Dancing is also directly related to reducing cholesterol levels in the body and is responsible for the release of the happy hormone called dopamine. Dance enhances one’s core muscles and is said to prevent injuries. Muscle coordination is one of the many things that dance fitness can offer.

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Shake it off with dance moves

As desk jobs are on the rise, people are prone to falling prey to joint complications. Thus, dance fits into the space. Most of the dances include a wide range of motion. All of the major muscle groups get worked up. Dancing has a direct effect on our mood as well. There has been a significant shift in the mood of people who followed the dance fitness regime in 2021. With the omicron spreading hopelessly, let us give up on all the worries at some pop playlist.