Go big or go Om

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Practicing yoga for a long time now? Call that a long stretch

Jokes apart, yoga asanas and poses are curated to enhance physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

You can trust your gut when it comes to yoga because it helps with weight reduction and maintaining a balanced metabolism.

Go Big or Go Om

The famous chant is a way of refocusing and putting presence into perspective. The meditational state gives a deep relaxation and provides a soothing effect.

The repeated intervals of deep inhalation and exhalation improves the pace and quality of respiration and vitality.

Yoga isn’t a full-time commitment process, you can make it your ‘side-hustle’! Yoga protects people from injury and improves athletic performance, therefore your fears of yoga being too tedious or time-consuming can be exhaled!

Whoever said yoga was a snooze fest, was correct- partially, yoga helps improve the quality of your sleep too! Asanas beat insomnia XD

In the ultimate battle between gym rats and people who love the yoga mat — — yoga takes the win! Gym focuses more on reinforcing the muscles and cardio, whereas yoga ensures the same with much lesser risk of aches and pains!

Stay tuned to reap the benefits of yoga!