Freelancing in India

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Freelancing can be a difficult career in India. However, India ranks among the top 10 countries in the world with the largest freelance workforce, according to Wikipedia. It is just behind the United States and Bangladesh that have over five hundred thousand people in the freelance category. Freelancing is a versatile field with people of almost every industry following this trend. Whether it is IT, finance, sales, or marketing people predict that half of the Indian population will shift to freelancing by the next year.

Even the Indian Government has released the Digital India Platform, which initiates the process of digitalizing the government documents. It requires a number of freelancers for the job. Any person can be eligible for this role if they possess basic IDs and an internet connection. However, the freelancing we are referring to can be tiresome and confusing.

A person who wants to start working on his/her own and get their small-time gig running would need a lot more than that. We understand how important it is for a freelancer to manage his client lists, do the bills, work on his products, attend meetings thus, we recommend using StepOut. StepOut is one of a kind business tool and is the one-stop solution to all your business needs. StepOut provides its smart manager at a minimal cost and charges no commissions for it. It is highly efficient and breakthrough in regards to SaaS technology. It has changed the lives of many and can even turn your life around!

But, coming back to the context of India, there are an awful number of freelancers. A survey shows that India has a total of 15 million of these hardworking individuals. It is almost prevalent that the start-up economy is booming in the country and freelancers do not need to look up to the States for a better opportunity anymore.

Indian women that have been caught up in their households due to family and social obligations have chosen to do freelance work. It not only serves their degrees but is progressive in a sense. Even though the percentage of Indian women in the field freelance work is a meager 22%, it has been growing at a very steady rate. Freelancing can be a beautiful venture and depends on the way one looks at it. It involves hard work and a greater result. So be sure to look up StepOut when in distress.