Freelance and business essentials

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The gig economy is on the rise and businesses are working on a very “lean” framework according to Nikolas Badminton. In the year 2019, more than 57 million Americans took up or were currently pursuing freelancing. It is quite attractive to thus, become a freelancer and companies are always looking out for one.

Freelance and business essentials

There are often solopreneurs that would look out for hiring people on a contractual basis. Thus, being self-employed; running the whole business can seem like a lot of work for any person.

Thus, we have decided to introduce the daily struggle a freelancer/business owner needs to go through. And in order to help them out in their ventures, we would highly recommend using StepOut’s one-of-a-kind business tool. However, this is not a top ten list or guide but, simply acknowledging the hurdles and providing solutions for the same.

Keeping a record

One needs to be very careful about doing the bookkeeping. Staying organized helps to attend to other areas of work. It can help dodge any form of mistakes, as especially one needs to do all the taxes and pay their own bills.

Accounting and keeping records

Not only that but a business needs to take care of their clients. Maintaining a database for all the clients makes the task of managing your clients very easy. An excel sheet might be your best friend in that case.

Creating a portfolio

Freelancers often need to create their virtual profiles on websites. websites like Tumblr, Contently, and About are a few to name. It is very crucial as one needs to show their qualifications and journey.

Creating your portfolio

Good work background is extremely essential in this matter. Even the employers have to go through less hassle while getting to know you.

Online Presence

Building a website is more like selling your online business card. So, the traffic business generates highly varies between a clean and approachable environment and a very messy and cluttered website.

Online Presence is crucial

Not only that but, businesses need an online presence on all the major social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. The more one involves themselves with the virtual market the more customers they will get.

Communication and a community

It is very essential to get into a community that follows the same niche as you. It not only educates a person but, brings out the best in the industry. However, it is never too late to start a new one along the way. People have discovered communities in their locality that they did not know even existed.

Communication is key

However, all of the mentioned woes could easily step out of the equation if you had known about StepOut. StepOut is a startup located in Helsinki, offering their SaaS tool, or as they call it the Smart Manager at no commissions charged. It is a unique addition to your inventory as it can help with almost anything regarding your business needs. They, can manage your clients, take care of your records and boost your business overall. So make sure to check them out, the next time you feel worried and burdened.