5 reasons you should start Yoga now

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Practicing Yoga regularly has tons of health benefits; the best part is it can be practiced regardless of age. It has proven to cure chronic illnesses and help with post-surgery recoveries.

Yoga is pretty basic and fits quite well in your routine. Mentioned below are a few of the health benefits of daily Yoga practice:

1)It enhances strength and flexibility

Yoga can help with building your strength. And, if you want to level it up you can add resistance bands and weights. However, for beginners, it is just the body weight and the gravity that helps build strength.

(Hint: Try out the Tree Pose)

2)Yoga helps with back pain relief

Yoga involves a lot of stretching and can help with stiff joints and especially back pains. Usually, the pain that you get from maintaining a strict posture. Therefore, highly beneficial for people who have desk jobs.


(Hint: Try out the Cat-Cow Pose)

3)Yoga helps manage stress

The National Institutes of Health suggests that yoga can help solve stress-related problems. If you begin following a strict Yoga regime and a healthy diet the health benefits are countless.


(Hint: Try out the Corpse Pose)

4)Yoga can improve heart health

Regular Yoga can help improve your cardiac health. Various heart ailments, high blood pressure, and obesity can be treated through Yoga.

(Hint: Try out the Downward Dog Pose)

5)Yoga helps you sleep better

Bed-time yoga sets you in the right mood and helps your body relax. It eases your body and lightens your mood to a great extent.

(Hint: Try out the Legs-Up-the-Wall Pose)

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