Fitness, Calisthenics, Urban Calisthenics…and more

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If you are trying to gain strength and are reluctant to lift weights at the same time, Calisthenics is for you. The exercises in this regime have to be performed with a high level of intensity and body flexibility. They almost need very little to no equipment. The exercises focus on strength, endurance, and muscle coordination.


Calisthenics was developed in the early 19th century but was previously performed in ancient times by people in Alexander the Great’s army and Spartan soldiers. Today, trainers, athletes, and even military personnel are incorporating Calisthenics in their fitness routines. Scientists have been studying the benefits of calisthenics. It has been found that it helps reduce obesity, maintain body composition, and major physical ailments.

Some of the great exercises to build strength and endurance are pullups, chin-ups, dips, and crunches. A Calisthenics training regime can increase overall body fitness. It has proven to enhance muscular and aerobic fitness along with increased balance, agility, and psycho-motor coordination. But, one of the greatest things for a fitness influencer like you is StepOut’s SaaS tool. It is no less than a personal assistant that takes care of all your business needs. That too at no extra commissions charged and the signup is absolutely free.

But, have you heard of Urban Calisthenics, or familiar with any street workouts? Urban Calisthenics is basically body-weight exercises that are performed in urban areas. People aiming to perform these workouts go through complex exercises like muscle-ups, spins, flips, human flags, levers, and many other freestyle movements.

Urban Calisthenics

Many sports teams and army units often prefer a group calisthenics session to check the fitness levels of their members. They perform synchronized exercises with a call and response routine to incorporate group discipline. Not only that but Calisthenics has been used in many fields including the military organizations as the marker of fitness. In schools, it has occupied an important place in physical education classes all over the world.