Expert Tips for Lifters

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It often happens that you put effort into the gym and do not see results. However, you are not alone. It requires hard work, determination, and above all patience. Don’t worry! Everyone has gone through this phase. But, one day you will reap the benefits of it all. It’s about taking the first step and never backing down.

This blog is for you, and here I have shared some expert advice on how to build strength and gain muscle. While building healthy habits as well.

  1. Divide your meals throughout the day

It is not enough if you eat three meals a day. You have to properly time them and measure even the macros that you are intaking. It is advisable that you find out your daily calorie requirement first. Also, try to control the portion sizes of your meals.

You have to properly time meals and measure the macros that you are intaking.

2.  Compound movements build muscle

Isolated body movements will build endurance while heavy compound movements, like deadlifts, bench presses, and squats help you build quality muscle. (Additional information: Correct posture and a full range of motion while lifting are very crucial.) It is also important that you focus on taking proper rest, in order to recover.

Heavy compound movements help you build quality muscle.

3.  Cut down a bit on cardio

If you are a serious lifter, cardio can burn up your gains. Try to give it a rest for some time. A light jog is enough cardio for a day.

Cut down on cardio

4. Understand Supplements

There are a number of trainers that will keep on groveling about how good is a certain supplement brand. But, remember your body can only absorb supplements if you are working your ass off in the gym! It even takes some time for your system to get accustomed to the daily grind. However, one of the most safest and genuine supplements for beginners would be Whey Protein.

You need to understand your body

5. Work your lower body

People in the gym always focus on having massive arms and shoulders while totally ignoring legs. But, working out legs secretes the largest amount of muscle-building hormones. Squats, leg extension, and leg curls are few basic exercises to start with.

Begin with squats and leg extension.

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