Dark Side of Freelancing

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Freelancing is one of the most trending topics in today’s time. It has been recorded that about 40% of millennials and 53% of Gen Z’s are self-employed. We all know, that Freelancing is a great choice for everyone cause you get to work for yourself, you can work from anywhere, you can take multiple projects and all that. But, how does freelancing affect our mental health?

Freelancing can lead to burnout.

It has been found that over 45% of the population thinks that freelancing negatively affects their mental health. Only a meager 4% are satisfied with their freelance careers. Somewhere things do not add up. When a person is working for themselves and has flexibility and variety in their work, then why should he/she feel that it is mentally challenging?!

Freelancing negatively affects our mental health.

Big corporations have given a boost to these freelancers for the mere fact that, they can get jobs done faster. Also, with a freelancer, there are no commitments and is less expensive in the long run. Freelancing came to give us all a better work-life balance. It is not about the perks of freelancing but, the lifestyle you get.

Freelancing can become a burden.

The USA alone has 57 million freelancers. All of them earn over 75,000 USD per annum. It is not even the money that is unsatisfactory. People always forget, however, to look at the bigger picture. In a survey, it was found that the majority of freelancers suffer from irregular income. Others said that clients very often ghost them. Some said working from home has made them lonely and they have suicidal thoughts.

Freelancing is not for everyone.

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