Creating a class on StepOut

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StepOut lets you create your live online classes. We believe that classes that happen live offer extra motivation for people to attend them because following a video can become monotonous and there is no social connection. We have just experienced a global pandemic, and definitely realize the value of our social contacts.

These are the detailed steps for creating a class:

  1. Go to the Teach tab. Under Your Classes section, select Create a new class.
  2. Choose a category that your class falls into.
  3. Name your class. Tip: Short and unique names can make your class be more attractive
  4. Tell the story of your class in detail in the Class Description
  5. Choose an attractive cover image for your class, as well as a few more footage images.
  6. Hit Save.

Now your class has been created. Let’s schedule some sessions for your class:

  1. Set a price for each of your sessions.
  2. Set a limit on how many people can attend each of your sessions.
  3. Pick the language you are comfortable in to teach
  4. Choose how will you host these sessions: In Studio or Live Stream
    • For In Studio sessions, please follow these tips to ensure a great experience for your clients
    • For Live Stream sessions:
      • You can connect your Zoom account to StepOut. After that, we will automatically create a Zoom call link for each session
      • If you don’t prefer Zoom, then you can manually schedule a conference (or live-stream) link and provide it. Our recommended services.
      • Follow these tips to ensure a great remote workout experience for your clients.
  5. Now set the date and time of your sessions. You can add multiple dates and times here, and these sessions will all have the same configuration.

And now your sessions have been scheduled, and your class is officially live! Go promote your class on social media!

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