Cloud is the Future

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Cloud computing is everything that involves sharing hosted services over the internet. A cloud is called private or public depending on who can access the data. A public cloud can be almost accessed by anyone on the internet while a private cloud provides hosted services to only selected individuals.

Cloud is the new-age tech.

However, the main goal of cloud computing is to provide simple, efficient, and scalable access to IT services. Now, the cloud involves a plethora of different elements. The cloud infrastructure, therefore, needs proper hardware and software to enjoy cloud-based facilities.

(Fun Fact: Did you know the name cloud was derived from the flowcharts and algorithms initially used as a symbol for these kinds of services.)

There are a number of cloud computing services spread across three major categories, IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS.

IaaS– is like the Amazon Web Services. These systems let you transfer the whole data to a Virtual Machine (VM). It is more like a remote data center for your business.

You can transfer data to a VM.

PaaS– Salesforce’s Lightning Platform is a very good example of this category. PaaS or Platform as a Service in simple words supports software development. It can also be used to host the software after it has been created.

It is a platform for software development

SaaS– It is the basic distribution framework for the developed software. SaaS or Software as a Service utilizes the cloud as a medium for software delivery. One example is Microsoft 365.

You can create your own software.

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