Choose Bhangra over Zumba? Expert’s opinion on the matter.

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We would all agree that it is more difficult to lose weight in the gym than on the dance floor. What could be better than losing weight to some groovy beats and catchy tunes? Maybe this is the time you need to move over from the mundane aerobics and Zumba classes to a desi fitness regime. Match your steps to the beat and stay in shape.

Bhangra is one of the most elegant dances in the entire Indian sub-continent and blends in just right with modern hip-hop and pop. It includes complex body movements and agility it burns about ten times the calories than in a regular treadmill session. Not just that but it also tones some major muscle groups of the body and improves overall health. Some of the major health benefits are listed below. Even health experts have recommended Bhangra citing its health gains.

  • Bhangra is great for our cardiovascular well-being. It prevents chronic ailments like hypertension and strokes.
  • People with high blood sugar levels can take to Bhangra as it has proven to control high BP and obesity.
  • A single 30-minute Bhangra session has the ability to burn about 450 calories

It is very interesting that Simon Fraser University is looking into the health benefits of Bhangra on South Asian women’s health. Iris Lesser, the person leading the research team has said that the SAET or South Asian Exercise Trial focuses heavily on the subject’s body fat and heart health as a direct response to Bhangra. The test results have not only affirmed the improved physical health but also elevated their daily moods. Lesser has added,

“The Women are providing key data for the SFU study, and learning that while exercise is important, it can also be fun,”

Even though it is quite prevalent in the study that, South Asian Women run the risk of cardiovascular ailments due to lack of physical activity, Bhangra stands to eke out all such deficiencies. However, it is also very important to bolster the feeling of community and Bhangra has covered it all.

Bhangra not only helps improve the health of an individual but also instills a sense of connectedness through interacting with the community. The South Asian community unlike others, has infinite potential to grow in aspects of health and fitness. It is only time to embrace our culture.

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