Calisthenics — the simpler but efficient way of fitness.

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Calisthenics or bodyweight training is the new trend in fitness. As more and more people subscribe to a fitter lifestyle, bodyweight training and athletic physiques became the trend in the industry. Muscular bodies are no longer desirable. People in the industry heavily focus on flexibility, endurance, and agility.

An easier way to stay in shape

Calisthenics is a form of workout that strictly adheres to equipment-less training. The main exercises in this workout regime include push-ups, pull-ups, dips, squats, handstands, and a lot more.

Calisthenics etymologically stands for beauty and strength. Calisthenics comes from the Greek word Kallos and Sthenos. Calisthenics has a bunch of benefits, it helps build muscle naturally. It improves a person’s overall endurance and strength levels. However, one of the best features of Calisthenics is no fancy pieces of equipment are required. One can perform calisthenics almost anywhere.


However, Calisthenics is only in its early stages in India. There is a constant scarcity of trainers in the business. Fitness enthusiasts in India have repeatedly said that people need more guidance in bodyweight training. India is slowly coping up with the worldwide impact of Calisthenics. But, you do not need to worry cause, StepOut is here to provide a helping hand. StepOut, a Helsinki-based startup provides freelance trainers with a smart manager, a SaaS tool that helps you manage everything under one roof.

Calisthenics has proven to not only be beneficial to physical health but mental health as well. A person starts feeling good in their skin. A great physique not only boosts your confidence but your overall mood. It is also inexpensive and accessible to all.