Bhangra over borders!

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Dance is supposed to be a union of love, compassion, energy, communities, and no disparities. Bhangra is no different! The power a cultural demonstration holds over the politics and the mindsets of people is beyond amazing!

The energy-filled and enthusiastic fitness dance form is known for its community-building, happiness, and collective joy, and is also known for being one of the things India and Pakistan have in common.

Yes, you heard it right! Beyond borders, bonding over Bhangra. The dance form is shared by the people from Northwestern India and Northeastern Pakistan. The power of a dance form over politics is brilliant! Shared cultures, energy, and happiness!

Evolving from the religious and regional festival of harvest: Vaisakhi, Bhangra has evolved into a dance form known to people abroad as well! Pop culture has helped shape the party scene around Bhangra at almost every important event: be it, a wedding, club, dance class, etc.

However, it has now also evolved into a form of advocacy as well! Bhangra isn’t just about dance and fun but was considered to be a male-dominated form of dance and celebration. Very recently, in Chandigarh- both men and women danced to the Bhangra beats instead of women following the traditional Giddah dance form.

Abolishing gender stereotypes and borders is a huge step, especially in the patriarchal dominion of India. Small yet significant steps make all the difference.

People were amazed at the progress a dance form had undergone. However, the dance form has more intricacies like the dance steps, outfits, music, and song choice, etc. that we will be unraveling in the subsequent blog posts! Stay tuned for those!

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