Debayan Talukder

Debayan Talukder, is a passionate blogger and content writer currently working at StepOut. An English Literature graduate from the University of Delhi, he likes fiction, writing essays and poetry.

Signing up with StepOut

StepOut is a very unique platform, not just because of our digital manager but, our vision. We are solely customer-oriented and one of our main agendas is to support today’s freelancers. We intend to solve issues like time management and productivity. Now, that you have decided to become a part of it; let us guide …

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Creating a class on StepOut

StepOut lets you create your live online classes. We believe that classes that happen live offer extra motivation for people to attend them because following a video can become monotonous and there is no social connection. We have just experienced a global pandemic, and definitely realize the value of our social contacts. These are the …

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About other Streaming Services

As a user, you might prefer one live stream service over another. Now, you need not elicit your reasons for that, it’s understandable. You aren’t just comfortable with the interface, that’s it! It really varies from person to person and this is absolutely fine. For that very reason, StepOut has ample options! You can now …

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StepOut at a Glance

You are a personal trainer who wants to publish classes online or offer in-person classes. Now, the first step would be to hunt down applications that can allow you to do so. Gradually, you will need payment management systems, create a profile, and get in touch with your clients. It is difficult. However, even if …

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A ‘Summer Not-To-Do List’

Working out in summer can be a tragedy. Our body loses double the sweat when we work out. So, keep that bottle at hand and do not overstress your body. Take the grind easy! We understand the importance of that summer bod and, summer aesthetics are but, take it slow. And, we believe that it …

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Get Oscar-worthy

Jessica Chastain is one of the most influential people in the world and recently, she received the Oscar for Best Actress. She was nominated for her lead role as the televangelist Tammy Faye Messner in The Eyes of Tammy Faye. She made her film debut in 2008, in Jolene. And received great attention for her …

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