About other Streaming Services

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As a user, you might prefer one live stream service over another. Now, you need not elicit your reasons for that, it’s understandable. You aren’t just comfortable with the interface, that’s it! It really varies from person to person and this is absolutely fine. For that very reason, StepOut has ample options! You can now manually switch to your preferred live streaming platform hassle-free.

You can manually schedule a class to live-stream, take that link and share it. Your clients will receive the link automatically as soon as they boom and pay for your session.

We recommend you try out the following:

However, as a user, you need to take care of a few conditions. They have been laid down below in detail.

  • The service you choose needs to offer a joinable link. The link needs to be accessible publicly, meaning clients are not required to log in or sign up, in order to join. This is to ensure your clients can attend the session easily with a single click. Please note, the client will only be given access to the link once they book and pay for that session. So, no need to worry about random people entering the class.
  • The service should allow users to share screens during the call so that you can share music (if your class requires that).

StepOut is a versatile platform. Our mission has always been towards providing value to our customers. It goes a long way in building our customer base and reputation. We would love to hear more from you so that we can cater to your needs, closely. Let us bring a change together!

Disclaimer: StepOut has not been sponsored by these mentioned services. We cannot assure you the best experience when you utilize these services, and shall not hold the responsibility if there’s a disruption or unintended issues occurred. Please utilize your preferred services at your own responsibility.