A Treat For Trainers!

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A Treat For Trainers!

Drum rolls & Dhols!

Pay your bills by monetizing your skills! Calling all fitness enthusiasts and instructors to join us!

At StepOut, we provide a platform for trainers: who specialize in both physical and mental wellness, recreation, and art forms, to turn their passion into a profession. We empower independent trainers by providing services that would in turn help them set up their business efficiently & connect them to prospective clients.

Translate your workout into work!

Amplify your drum rolls & Dhols for StepOut’s pre-MVP launch!

We’re calling all fitness enthusiasts and trainers to be among the FIRST to publish their profiles for FREE, in 4 easy-lemon-squeezy steps!

  1. Head over to: https://stepout.pro/
  2. Click on: Publish your Profile
  3. Enter your details
  4. PUBLISH your profile (for FREE)
  5. Sit back & watch the magic unfold!

And that’s not it! If you join the waiting list then you will receive an email that will comprises of a referral link which you can use to invite any three trainers, PSA: They can publish their profile for FREE too!

From here on, we will help you market yourself to prospective clients which will help you increase your monthly revenue — all at YOUR convenience, on a virtual platform: anytime and anywhere.

We believe that people irrespective of their age, ethnicity or gender deserve to live a physically and mentally fit lifestyle, and this can only be achieved through trainers! Whether you’re a gym rat or prefer a yoga mat- we cater to all sorts of diverse physical fitness programs.

Headquartered in Helsinki, Finland but a huge proponent of diversity- our launch in India is inspired by the multicultural demographic. From calisthenics, Bhangra, Kalaripayattu, and Yoga to Garba and Kathak- the list goes on! Redefine the rules of physical fitness and recreational activities, and pay your DEBT with SWEAT! 😛

StepOut is more than just a platform, it’s a network of like-minded people driven by inspiration and perspiration. The global pandemic scenario had us confined to the four walls of our house for so long, StepOut provides a one-stop destination for a variety of fitness activities, that YOU can plan and schedule as per your convenience over a virtual platform. This is your smart little manager in your pocket.

If health means just as much as wealth to you, consider this an invitation to support our mission at StepOut!