A ‘Summer Not-To-Do List’

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Working out in summer can be a tragedy. Our body loses double the sweat when we work out. So, keep that bottle at hand and do not overstress your body. Take the grind easy! We understand the importance of that summer bod and, summer aesthetics are but, take it slow.

And, we believe that it is more important to have a not-to-do list than anything else. The sun can be unforgiving. Even though we get longer days, and you have your push-pull split to hit. Hold up! Go through this list to beat the heat!

Not drinking enough fluids

Drink enough fluids. It is like the basic thing one should do during the summers. Our body is 70% water and losing much of it will lead to fatigue and other physical problems.

Avoiding sunscreen protection

Sun rays are harmful to the skin. But, summers hit you hard, and using an SPF 30 just before you head outdoors is a good practice.

Training in the afternoons

If you generally exercise outdoors, strictly avoid the time between 12:00 – 4:00 P.M. Try going for a run in the morning or wait for the sundown. Stay out of the sunrays.

Wearing dark and heavy fabrics

Dark and heavy fabrics hold in the heat and can induce dehydration. Aim for loose-fitting cotton clothes. Even breathable synthetics

Skipping on electrolytes

High temperatures mean you will readily lose water through sweat. And, water is not enough to meet this lack. Take electrolytes, but always check the nutrition label.


Don’t challenge your body. If you can bench 100 lbs don’t try to exceed that. A brutal session might set you back for good think about it.

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